I am trying to file my U.S. taxes as an expat in Sweden to try to claim the stimulus check money. I received around $5000 in student grants (which do not need to be repaid) and $5,000 in loans.

I am unemployed (I am a full-time student) and so my total income is $5000. Since the money I received was paid in a foreign country, I should be eligible to the foreign earned income exclusion. However, I do not know what to put as my employer, since I was unemployed. Can I just leave it blank?

I am also eligible for the basic deduction. Can I just put my grants as line 1 of 1040, and then use the standard deduction? Or do I also need to fill out form 2555?

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No, you are not required to file 2555. The instructions for form 2555 explain how to choose to exclude foreign earned income. Implicitly, if you have to choose to claim the exclusion, you can choose not to.

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