I'm thinking about buying a home in 6 months or so, and shag carpet seems to be quite popular with older constructions at the lower end of my price range.

Is there any good source for estimating the cost of home improvements like replacing a floor with hardwood, adding a window in the kitchen, or replacing a toilet/tub with a more modern fixture?

I've tried looking at the diy site and found estimates for some of the supplies with possible sources, but while I'm handy enough with paint and a caulk gun, this seems like a job for a professional.

Are there any good rules of thumb here? My memories of Maine Cabin Masters or This Old House seem to have them lump all of the improvements together in one budget or not talk money at all.

  • Did you try Googling? I'm in the UK, when I search for "typical home improvement costs" I get tons of guides and suggestions. They're all UK specific so won't help you but I am sure if you google you will get local results. – Vicky Feb 28 at 14:34
  • 1
    If you find reputable local contractors, they'd probably be happy to discuss ballpark pricing for free. – Patrick87 Feb 28 at 14:44
  • Prices vary wildly but you can find installed price per square foot for flooring pretty easily. Adding a window to kitchen is not likely to be something you can get great estimates for without contacting local contractors. – Hart CO Feb 28 at 15:25
  • Home Improvement.SE – Ron Beyer Feb 28 at 16:11
  • Home Improvement.SE didn't have $ numbers which is what I'm (currently) most interested in. Did try the google before, but was hoping for a quick rule of thumb by someone not wanting to sell me something. Will do more googling then and talk to a local contractor when I'm further along--Thanks! – mkbk Feb 28 at 17:09

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