My wife is a G4 visa holder and an employee of an international organization. She has a bank account (UNFCU) in the US where she receives interests. The bank issues 1042-s and not 1099-int. Last year we were married and we are filing jointly and electing for her to be treated as a resident alien under section 6013(g).
How do I report the interest received from 1042-S?

  • On the joint return as interest income -- usually line 2b but Schedule B if you have a lot of interest or special conditions apply, see pub 550 "How to Report Interest". If there was withholding (usually not for interest) report on line 25c and if you file on paper (which I never recommend and especially not during COVID) attach copy C to your return. If you use software you'll probably have to falsely enter that you got 1099-INT and give the amount(s) as it(they) would have appeared on that form. – dave_thompson_085 Feb 28 at 9:50

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