I am looking for individual disability insurance but need to drop my group coverage at my current job. As I've recently educated myself, I have learned that my job coverage isn't great after 24 months of disability (any occ) and I'm looking for a stronger (own occ, partial disability) individual plan instead. Problem is, I've been told I can't have an individual policy cover 66% of my income because I have an existing group policy. I was told by an agent that I can apply for what I'm allowed now and re apply for more coverage in a few months, after the next benefit enrollment (or in my case unenrollment) at my employer. Is this a typical process? It sounded like it would be a new underwriting process, perhaps less strenuous though (assuming no adverse health conditions develop) given it would be less than 12 mo into my policy. I am aware of future increase option riders, but don't want to destroy that rider benefit a year in because I drop my employer group coverage. I can possibly get my employer to drop group ltd before I obtain individual coverage but in case that doesn't pan out I'm curious what it would look like to start an individual policy now and try to reapply for more coverage less than 12 mo later. If company matters, I'm considering MassMutual or Guardian for individual policy.

  • I think I understand the fact patten but I'm a little bit unclear about what the question is. I assume that what you really want to know is not "Is this a typical process?"
    – ohwilleke
    Feb 26 at 6:18

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