I'm UK based. I know that credit cards charge extra cash transaction fees for not only getting cash from the ATM but also for things which are not quite cash like crypto, gift cards or gambling. Is donating money to a charity also considered a cash advance purchase?


No, it is not. It is processed like a purchase at a store.

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    I do actually agree with this (from personal experience), however as an answer it really needs some kind of citation or additional reference. – Vicky Feb 25 at 20:14
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    @RonJohn agreed, which is why I didn't say "Please take a screenshot of your checking account web page to support this claim". A good citation would be a link to Ts and Cs of a credit card provider that specifically references charity donations, or similar. – Vicky Feb 25 at 20:20
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    @Vicky, I think personal experience is sufficient here. Any support would be excessively tedious to find. – gaefan Feb 25 at 20:46
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    @RonJohn I cannot read about "memorizing the Ts and Cs", they (usually) are easy to be looked in and searched. – glglgl Feb 26 at 9:08
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    There is a rather old (2012) but good page at moneysupermarket.com/press-releases/… which surveys the "Definition of Cash Transaction" across 10 different credit cards. They're all basically the same: it applies to obtaining money or money-like things (although gift cards aren't mentioned), or gambling-related transactions. I certainly don't see charity donations mentioned as included by any though. – timday Feb 26 at 16:38

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