I the owner of a C-Corporation that didn't have any revenue in 2020. I am filing my personal tax returns and was wondering if I need a W2 issued by the Corporation with 0 income or can I just report no income on my returns without a W2?

Just wanted to do this the right way.


From the Form W-2 instructions, Who must file Form W-2:

Complete and file Form W-2 for each employee for whom any of the following applies (even if the employee is related to you).

  • You withheld any income, social security, or Medicare tax from wages regardless of the amount of wages; or
  • You would have had to withhold income tax if the employee had claimed no more than one withholding allowance (for 2019 or earlier Forms W-4) or had not claimed exemption from withholding on Form W-4; or
  • You paid $600 or more in wages even if you did not withhold any income, social security, or Medicare tax.

Since you did not withhold any tax and you paid less than $600, Form W-2 does not seem to be required.

  • And a good thing, because if it were required OP would be past the deadline (now Jan 31) and owe a penalty – dave_thompson_085 Feb 26 at 6:32

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