I was watching GME stock on Feb 24, 2021, and it halted twice:

  • once at 3:38pm ET, and it resumed trading at 3:43pm ET
  • again at 3:46pm ET, and it did not resume trading until after 4:00pm ET

This is consistent with the Nasdaq's list of stock halts:

enter image description here

Both GME halts were classified as volatility halts. I've seen stock volatility halts before, and I thought they were always 5 minutes long. The first GME volatility halt lasted 5 minutes, but the second volatility halt lasted 14 minutes.

Then on Feb 25, 2021, GME had 4 volatility halts in the morning, each of which lasted 5 minutes.

What determines how long a stock volatility halt will last?

Also, what exactly is the trigger for a stock's trading to be halted due to volatility?

  • The second hold is typically for longer than the first, but it ends with the trading day. – Aganju Feb 25 at 4:56

Well, I googled your question and found this article. It’s helpful, but doesn’t provide a specific formula for “acceptable trading price range (ATPR)”


There must be an official Nasdaq rule book for this but I haven’t found it yet.

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