I run computer servers at home 24/7, and my home is in California. To power them, I would like to install solar panels and home battery backup system. Can I deduct this as a business expense for my California LLC?

The concern I have here is that I need to separate energy for home use vs. energy for business use.

  • I've added the capital-expenditure tag, since that's what the question is about. – RonJohn Feb 21 at 4:15
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    Business capital expenditures are typically depreciated over a number of years. – RonJohn Feb 21 at 4:16
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    @RonJohn -- but there's rapid depreciation under Section 179. I'm shocked to see that the limit is now $1,000,000; it was $50,000 when I learned the basics of US income taxes back in the 70s. – Pete Becker Feb 22 at 14:21

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