After a Ryanair flight cancellation and several e-mails, they've sent a cheque.

Well, I have no physical bank account in UK and have no idea how to claim money from a cheque. Plus, I suspect I will have to pay a fee to do it if I go in a bank.

Assuming I don't find a way to force Ryanair to pay me with a transfer on my Revolut account, how can I convert the cheque in money?

  • Can I go to any physical bank?
  • Will I have to pay a fee? How much is it, usually?
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    What bank/country is the cheque issued from? – Morrison Chang Feb 1 at 23:42
  • @MorrisonChang, NatWest is written on the cheque. – Enlico Feb 1 at 23:54
  • Possibly relevant: Will a British bank accept a twice-endorsed cheque? Alternatively, if you have some form of UK ID, perhaps you can convert the cheque to cash at NatWest. Note that in the USA a tax id is required to cash at teller, UK may be similar. – Morrison Chang Feb 2 at 0:02
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    Please add a country tag. – RonJohn Feb 2 at 16:05
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    @RonJohn, well, I wonder why an airline which I gave money to via a channel want to make refunds through another channel. By the way, the have already refunded other flights to me in the past, and they did so on my Revolut card. Now they're doing differently, and the reason is apparent. Discourage me and making me give up and leave the money to them. This is close to criminal, imho. – Enlico Feb 2 at 16:53

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