How's TD Waterhouse compared to other E-brokerage services available in Canada? I'm a novice investor, so probably at this point only the fees and diversity of available commodities are a requirement.

  • What does "diversity of available commodities" mean?
    – jasonspiro
    Apr 16 '12 at 21:42

I use TD Waterhouse for my passive invest-and-hold strategy. It works very well for that. The web interface means I don't need to interact with a person, and the MER is comparatively low. TD Waterhouse offers a sufficient range of indexed mutual funds for my needs, but my needs are very simple.

Canadian Couch Potato (a blog which advocates a passive, index-based investment approach) compares rates and offerings for Canadian Index Funds and Canadian ETFs.

Hopefully someone else can fill you in with how the various E-brokerage services compare for more active investors.


I've never used TD Waterhouse. When I chose a brokerage, my dad recommended the Globe and Mail's annual brokerage rankings. The rankings still seem like a good resource, even nowadays.

(By the way, the link I provided is to the main rankings article—the most useful part—of the 2011 rankings. Click "Detailed rankings table" at the top to see each brokerage's numerical scores in each category.)

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