One example brought to the question is the case of the pharmaceutics company Mylan that completed the merger with a Pfizer division and Upjohn to form Viatris(VTRS) on November 15 approx.

What does a steep decline and recovery mean? That period variation was 2.10$-24.88$ -What has happened from Nov 10 to Nov 17? -And why did it reach a higher than normal peak(24.88$)on Nov 13?
see graphic

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    It is likely that you are looking at bad data. Your picture is a graph of which security? – Bob Baerker Jan 4 at 18:05
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    It likely means nothing. Google's stock graphs are far from perfect. Seek out a more reliable graph. – MonkeyZeus Jan 4 at 18:11
  • yes,my bad. Its not precise data. – DiegoMPz Jan 4 at 18:52

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