I understand I can write to HMRC to get tax relief on my pension contributions instead of waiting to do a tax return.

Would this letter do the trick? and what address to I sent it to?

Date: [Current date]

Dear Sir/Madam

I hereby claim higher-rate tax relief in respect of contributions made to personal pension plans.

I am claiming for year [Tax Year Start] to [Tax Year End], my NI no. is [National Insurance No]

My gross annual contribution will be £[Total amount of my contributions, not including employer's contribution, or basic rate tax relief]

My personal monthly contributions will continue at the same rate £[Amount I intend to contribute each month, not including employers contributions or basic rate tax relief]

Yours faithfully,

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    This page, which is the result of clicking "call or write to HMRC to claim if you pay income tax at 40%" on the Pension tax relief page, gives the answer to the address part of your question. Posting it as a comment as I am unable to address the adequacy of the proposed letter.
    – B.Liu
    Dec 23 '20 at 2:23

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