I have purchased a watch from an e-commerce portal. The calculation page was like below

enter image description here

according to this, I have to pay

919.38 x 6 = 5516.28

But, they said total payable amount is 5278.79 Also, I found in my credit card statement that they have deducted the same. Note that the product value is 5395

Since the bill was not generated for my credit card for this month, I'm totally confused !

Now, Do I need to pay
919.38 x 6 = 5516.28
879.79 x 6 = 5278.79

These hidden charges are totally confusing, I made this purchase in India So, Kindly help me understand this tough subject.

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Here's the closest I've come to figuring it out:

Subtotal:       5278.79
Convenience fee:  99
GST:              17.82
Interest:          4
Convenience fee: 116.82
          Total 5516.43

Installments:    919.38
Periods        x   6
          Total 5516.28

Those two totals are ₹0.15 different, which I can't resolve. Maybe there's a rounding error on their side.

Anyway, you must pay a total of ₹5516.28.

  • This is cheating. I opted for 'no cost emi' and they are actually charging intrest(4 rupee) on that and putting convience fee 2 times. This is punishable offence right ! Dec 10, 2020 at 16:33
  • @VikasAcharya I don't know enough about Indian ecommerce to pass judgement on legality.
    – RonJohn
    Dec 10, 2020 at 16:44

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