I would be super happy to learn how I would be taxed given my circumstances.

I will be starting a Research Assistant job at my university in Geneva, Switzerland. Starting in January, I will move back to Berlin and work on my job remotely from there. As far as I understood, I would probably pay taxes in Germany the moment I move back? But I would be interested how much taxes I would have to pay and what status I would hold (I saw somewhere I might have to register as freelancer?). I am a German citizen, I am registered in Germany and my position is a student job with 15 hrs a week, equating to about 1500 CHF a month. This question is important to me also because I am receiving Bafoeg (governmental student loan) at the moment.

Thank you so much for anyone who has an idea about how this would likely play out or whom I would contact to get more information (the Uni is not too eager on providing infos).

Have a great day!

  • Does your Uni's HR department know about your plans to work from a foreign country? What do they say? I would be surprised if this was possible. – amon Nov 15 '20 at 11:37

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