I work and my girlfriend is on benefits. Recently I have been staying for free with family and friends (not paying rent or contributing to bills). I want to move into my girlfriend's house.

How do I determine the situation with benefits: will it affect her benefits if I move in with her, are there any benefits I could claim, how would I find out how to claim them?

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In the UK, the Government maintains a list of independent benefit calculators that will let you put in the details of your situation and calculate what you can claim. I would suggest calculating this for you both living separately, and then again for you living together, and work out whether you are better off to move in with her or not. Once you've worked out what you could claim, the details of how to claim are also on the gov.uk website.

If this is too difficult for you to do on your own, you could get help from Citizen's Advice.

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