I am trying to understand how to interpret the performance of an index fund. I have two views of the same TDB911 fund.

The view in TD WebBroker (investing interface) shows that at the beginning of a 20 year period closed at 12.81, and at the end it's 12.83, indicating that the gain within the period is completely negligible at +0.15%.

Meanwhile, the gain from the fund facts page indicates a change of 10,000 initial investment would yield 17,160, or a gain of +71.61%, which is a much more realistic number.

How would I interpret the TD WebBroker UI in comparison to the TD Fund Facts page?

TD WebBroker UI TD WebBroker UI

TD Fund Page TD Fund Page

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    Perhaps because the share price of an index fund does not include the distributions (dividends and capital gains) paid out by the fund each year, only the change in value of the price of the shares of the various stock holdings of the fund? – Dilip Sarwate Oct 30 '20 at 3:17

The top chart is the share price of the fund. The bottom chart reflects what would happen if you reinvested dividends. In this case, the overwhelming majority of the fund's gains have been distributed as dividends.

From the fund's page, there is a link to TD's graphing tool where you can experiment with, among other things, whether dividends were reinvested or not. If you choose "No" there, you'll get a chart that matches the share price change

Performance without dividends reinvested


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