I want discount brokerage, not Big Banks. Interactive Brokers and Questrade emailed me they aren't Trading Privilege Holders and can't fill out http://www.cboe.com/aboutcboe/contact-cboe?Topic=New+Option+Listing+Requests or https://www.cboe.com/aboutcboe/new-strike-price-requests.

BATT, GLNCY, LIT don't have any Options. I want 2023 LEAPS for BBH, CACC, LAC, LAC.TO, LTHM, MGK, ONLN.


The CBOE has a variety of requirements that must be met in order for them to consider offering option trading for a security. Some include NMS listing, minimum price per share, number of shares outstanding, number of share owners, number of shares traded, etc. And even if these requirements are met, there's no guarantee that options will trade since it is up to the option exchanges and the OCC to select which ones they'll offer.

For stocks that currently offer options, there are rules that govern what strike prices will be offered and when they will be offered. For example, if there are weekly options with 50 cent price increments and the far months only offer $2.50 wide strikes, they won't add the 50 cent ones to the second monthly until the front month expires. And even rules like this are broken when it comes to heavily traded ETFs like SPY.

Your desire for new listings and LEAP trading where there is none is a non starter. Getting a strike price added can be accomplished if the request falls within exchange guidelines. I've done it a number of times via E-mail.

  • thanks. you wrote "I've done it a number of times via E-mail." just to confirm...you're not a market maker or CBOE trading permit holder? – NNOX Apps Oct 24 '20 at 17:54
  • For example, most of the weekly options of XYZ have 50 cent increments. The week that I want to trade has the same range of strike prices with some 50 cent increments but not one that I want. Another example - ABC has risen sharply and is fairly close to the highest strike price. I want some more OTM call strikes. I have requested and gotten such strike price additions for the next business day. And yes, I'm a retail trader. – Bob Baerker Oct 24 '20 at 18:34
  • Any bank/broker can submit a request. But that doesn't result in new options. As mentioned above, there are minimum requirements to be met. A long tie ago, there used to be 4 option exchanges (Philly, American, CBOE, and Pacific). Their reps would meet with the OCC and pick which eligible stocks would begin to trade on each exchange. I don't keep current on regs so I have no clue how it's done today. If you want details, Google for the CBOE regs and see what the current requirements are. It's a chore to read but they're in there somewhere. – Bob Baerker Oct 24 '20 at 18:34
  • what do you mean by "Your desire for new listings and LEAP trading where there is none is a non starter." who knows if some canadian brokerage can request to CBOE? like big banks? – NNOX Apps Oct 29 '20 at 2:10

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