I’m trying to understand the stock market and chart data. When an option is exercised, does the transaction show up on a TradingView chart?

Example: If Tesla is trading at $423 and someone exercises an option to buy 100 shares at $320, would that transaction be included in the chart for Tesla? Maybe as a long wick of a candle?

  • What are "charts like trading view"? How are these charts different from charts found elsewhere? Could you post a screenshot?
    – Flux
    Commented Oct 23, 2020 at 18:37

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Look at the various strike prices for today's TSLA expiration. The lowest ITM call with open interest is $20 and the highest ITM put with open interest is $760, with 1000s of contracts between these extreme limits and current price.

If any of these were exercised (about 7% of all contracts are exercised), one would expect to see really screwed up price charts with bars (or candles) with an expiration day high/low range of 100s of dollars. That never happens.

The short answer? Exercised contracts are not included in price charts.


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