I have trouble to understand the interest of participating in this capital increase.

I understand I am entitled to 2500 right (code A4L1) (the same amount of share I own code A4L) which will allow me to buy 500 shares of the increase.

I also understand that the price at which I will be allowed to buy the shares is 3.

  • Is the above correct ?
  • What is the nominal value for ?
  • I believe in this company. But what should I take care of ?

Market for this value: https://www.bse-sofia.bg/en/issuer-profile/A4L/ and for the options https://www.bse-sofia.bg/en/issuer-profile/A4L1/

We would like to inform you that as a shareholder in Allterco AD, BSE stock exchange code A4L, you are entitled to participate in the capital increase procedure of the company that is currently underway. In this regard, you have received 2500 financial instruments called ‘rights’ which allow you to participate in the capital increase that started on October 8, 2020 with the following parameters:

  • Number of shares before the increase: 15,000,000;
  • Number of issued rights: 15,000,000;
  • Number of shares offered for subscription: 3,000,000;
  • Nominal value of the shares: BGN 1.00;
  • Issue value of the shares: BGN 3.00;
  • Exchange code of the issued rights: A4L1
  • Ratio between the issued rights and the new shares: right / shares: 5/1;

Each person may subscribe at least 1 new share and at most such number of shares, which is equal to the number of acquired and / or owned rights, divided by 5.

  • Starting date for trading of the rights and for subscription of shares: 08.10.2020;
  • Closing date for trading the rights on the stock exchange: 19.10.2020;
  • Deadline for submission of applications to Karoll AD for subscription of shares with rights purchased within the term for trading of the rights, as well as for subscription of rights held on the basis of old shareholder’s stake: 16:00 local Bulgarian time on 21.10.2020;
  • Auction date for the rights that were left unsubscribed within the trading period: 23.10.2020, from 13:15 to 13:45 local Bulgarian time;
  • Final date for payment of the subscribed shares and for the receipt of the respective cash amounts upon transfer to the account of Karoll AD: 29.10.2020;

The commission for trading in Allterco’s rights is the standard commission that pay for trading in shares on the BSE using Karoll’s services. There is no fee for submitting an application for the subscription of shares from the capital increase.

The acquired shares, as well as the cash amounts that are to be received from the sale of Allterco’s rights, will be available approximately 1 month after the successful completion of the subscription (expected: the beginning of December 2020).

In case you wish to exercise your rights and subscribe for new shares based on them, you should state this explicitly in an email to us by sending us a scanned copy of both sides of your identity document, certified by you personally with text "True to the original", your names and signature. We will prepare an application for subscription of shares, which we will send to your email to be signed by you, scanned and returned back to Karoll by email.

We stay at your disposal for any further questions or assistance.

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