How can I view the sum of all dividends received in one given year on Mint?

This can't be done in the transactions tab according to https://help.mint.com/Accounts-and-Transactions/888963121/Why-can-t-I-filter-transactions-by-date.htm (mirror):

While transactions are automatically sorted by date, it is not currently possible to filter for a specific date range.

-> one can only view the sum of dividends and gains received since the creation of the Mint account.

I tried to create a report, following https://help.mint.com/888960571/How-do-I-get-reports-on-my-financial-activity.htm (mirror), but I couldn't find a way to place dividends on the graphs.

Screenshot of the Mint transactions tab with the category = Dividend & Cap Gains filter:

enter image description here

  • Have you tried the help feature in Mint? They even have a live chat option now.
    – JohnFx
    Sep 27, 2020 at 16:08

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Updated answer, with the new Mint UI (June 2022): go to https://mint.intuit.com/transactions and use filters:

enter image description here

Old answer, for the old Mint UI:

One can use the Google Chrome extension A Bit Better Mint:

enter image description here

Or one can manually edit the URL as explained on https://scottpdawson.com/view-transactions-within-date-range-in-mint/ (mirror):

Mint Transactions URL Structure: https://mint.intuit.com/transaction.event#location:{QUERY_GOES_HERE} The magical part is QUERY_GOES_HERE, and that's where we have the syntax for startDate and endDate. For example, for FY2019, use this: "startDate":"01/01/2019","endDate":"12/31/2019"

Turns out the query can contain more than just the date:

If you want to group this with a query by category, transaction name, tag, or the contents of the notes field (this one blew my mind, since I've wished for this for awhile), I've got you covered.

  • category: "query":"category=:Groceries"
  • transaction name (description): "query":"Wegmans"
  • tag: "query":"tag:strawberries"
  • notes: "query":"notes:lunch with Joe"
  • grouping a few together: "query":"description:Silver Queen Farms, tag:strawberries"


Thanks to basbryan for pointing out these solutions to me on https://redd.it/j0ki3u.

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