I am teaching my daughter about finances, inflation, and investing. We had opened her a minor account in Swedbank Lithuania. During spring break she made several hundred Euros doing various chores and decided she wants to invest some of it.

I was looking into index funds in Europe but couldn't find anything for minors, apart from life insurance.
What are the options for minors to invest in Europe (Preferably passive index funds on sectors or regions)?

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  • How old is your daughter? – Philipp Sep 25 '20 at 14:10

Your question: What are the options for minors to invest in Europe?

My assumptions: You know how to invest as an adult.

Answer: What I have done with my eldest daughter is to set up a system where I let her invest her money (mostly from birthdays) in the shares/funds that I myself am invested in. I keep an electronic record on my computer in a spreadsheet (for easy calculation) and a written record in a notebook (for easy access for my daughter). Advantages of this method are that there are no (additional) transaction costs and my daughter can buy fractional shares of a stock.

  • I have a portfolio which has unlimited positions, I can even buy the same fund into separate positions. This way one could separate this more easily. – Martin Ueding Sep 25 '20 at 9:24

My portfolio bank (ebase) offers specific portfolios for minors. These are then taxed in a special way, I am not sure whether they are on the parent's tax form or not. They do cost a little, so it might be better to have a shared portfolio like hkBst has suggested.

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