Let's say some US company declares the ex-divided-date as Sep 30, 2020. Now at which time exactly does this ex-date start? When this stock is traded in stock exchanges world wide, is the UTC time taken?

So UTC Sep 30. 2020 00:00:01 AM is the first second of the ex-date?

  • Worldwide? There are a lot of different exchanges in the world that have their own trading hours...
    – quid
    Sep 24 '20 at 7:03

Individual stocks aren’t traded 24/7, and they aren’t traded worldwide. A stock goes ex-dividend overnight, and starts to trade ex-dividend when the exchange on which it is traded opens in the morning.

  • 1
    No, the ex-dividend date is a date, not a time. Apple trades ex-dividend when the exchanges on which it is traded open on the ex-dividend date.
    – Mike Scott
    Sep 24 '20 at 9:03

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