I've noticed that many international ETFs (especially emerging market funds) have a large stake in the financial sector. Are there any ETFs that de-emphasize financials?

Conversely, are there any ETFs that only target international financial stocks (which I could then sell short in order to achieve my desired allocation)?


If you are looking for a European financials ETF to short, you could take a look at the iShares EURO STOXX Banks, which is traded on a a few German stock exchanges (Frankfurt etc.):

iShares Euro Stoxx Banks Website

You find its current holdings here: holdings.


Another European financial ETF that you could sell short is the iShares MSCI Europe Financials Sector Index Fund (EUFN). It's traded on American exchanges, so it should be easier to access if you're in the United States. It is a relatively low-volume issue, however, so it may be difficult to locate shares to short, and the bid/ask spread could be a significant factor.

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