My accountant has fallen seriously ill, I'm sole owner and employee of a Sub-S Corp. I'm looking at my 2018 Corp Tax return at line 12, trying to figure out what I should enter there for the 2019 return.

I saw this question, but I'm still stuck: Clarification on line 12 of US tax form 1120S for S Corporations

How can I find how he computed Line 12. Would the calculation be available from my W2?

And of course I have the check register, with all the payments to the IRS for the withholding.

I have tried to construct the payroll numbers from emails he sent me over that year. For most the payrolls, I have sort of a stub he created that shows the Fed Withholding, the Social Sec, and Medicare, and "Regular Pay", and "Net Pay".

On this site, I found the following quote: https://evergreensmallbusiness.com/quick-and-dirty-payroll-for-one-person-s-corps/

Your corporation pays a 7.65% Social Security and Medicare payroll tax. If your S corporation pays you payroll of $10,000 a quarter, that amount equals $765 obviously.

Should I be able to compute that number given any or all of the above? If so, how?


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