So either the conditionals I set aren't triggering properly or I'm not understanding them properly. For example, I have a conditional for a stock called EGO, and the conditional was OTO. I had it set to buy trailing stop 1% from open, and that means if it goes up 1% from the open, it will trigger a buy market order. However, it opened at 11.07, so that means it should trigger the buy market order at 11.18. But the stock never even went above 11.07. It started dropping as soon as it opens, but it still bought it for 11.08 for some reason?

Even if the buy trailing stop is set at yesterday's close, it wouldn't make any sense. For example, yesterday's close for EGO was at 11.08. That means that the buy trailing stop has to be 11.19 even if it was set to yesterday's close, but today's price never even went anywhere near 11.19. So am I just not understanding the meaning of buy trailing stop properly, or is it etrade's fault that their conditionals aren't working properly?

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