In Canada, is it OK for my spouse to "gift" my disability awards to her friend? Looking at close to $356,521.00 between 2011-2017. This "friend" was a co-worker of mine in the military. He is now retired. We are in the middle of a property dispute after our divorce. I have a family lawyer, but time is money and i'm 3 years into the divorce. Disability fraud? Any points will help. Thanks


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    First - You have a lawyer, you are paying him for correct and timely answers. Second - Is your spouse your current or former spouse? Is your spouse using the "gift" as a cover to hide assets? Was your spouse dating your co-worker at the time this transfer occurred? Was your disability paid into your account or into a joint account with your spouse? What country and disability program(s) is involved? – Freiheit Sep 8 at 22:11
  • We were married at the time. 2010-2017. We had a joint account. She was seeing this man on the side. Money was paid into our joint account. Veterans affairs Canada. Is this legal, as in fraud over 5000? Thanks – Trevor uhl Oct 15 at 20:42
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