I am a US tax resident and I am currently outside the United States. I have to complete French Form 5000 (mirror 1, mirror 2) a.k.a. CERFA 5000, which requires to obtain the signature of a "US financial institution" in box VI:

enter image description here

I called a few US branches of some of my US financial institutions and they all want me to come physically for a face-to-face appointment, which isn't an option for me as I am currently outside the United States.

Is the signature of a non-US branch of a US financial institution accepted by the French tax authorities for French Form 5000? (e.g., in my case, some branch of US financial institution HSBC located in Thailand)

  • It's unlikely. In my limited experience, bank subsidiaries in different countries operate as independent entities. Example: my spouse has an account at the "same" bank in two European countries and they have totally different rules and systems and having an account in one country did not factor in at all when opening one in a second country. – Eric Aug 9 '20 at 12:56

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