I was looking at Bank of America's 10-Q and I wanted to find the D/E ratio by doing total liabilities over stockholder's equity

enter image description here

But this looked super odd because the D/E ratio would be 8.88 which I never even heard of it going there. I then googled historical D/E ratios for BAC but it never has hit anywhere close to 8.88 so I'm probably doing this wrong any suggestions how to fix my error?

Link to Edgar SEC for BAC 10-Q

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When you search for BAC debt to equity ratio most results aren't using total liabilities but just total long term debt.

From Zacks: Zacks

And Macrotrends snippet from Google results:


While D/E Ratio is simply defined as Total Liabilities over Total Shareholders Equity, it's frequently adjusted to be more useful.

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