I've read https://quickbooks.intuit.com/learn-support/en-us/configure-for-multiple-users/set-up-and-install-a-multi-user-network-for-quickbooks-desktop/01/203684 but non the wiser

Once I've set this all up on the host machine, how does another machine then access the same files as that host machine uses?


  • This is primarily a technical question and isn't really suitable for this site. You may be better off asking at superuser.com – Chris W. Rea Jul 23 at 22:35

Just as StackExchange hosts questions that multiple people ask and answer, that data is stored and mantained on a server, which can be externally accessed.

As per that instruction, you're installing a server, which opens network access to other QuickBooks clients to access and control remotely, very similar to a website and a browser.

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