My brother is 15 and he doesn’t have a bank account. I’m 18 and I have a bank account. Would I be able to cash a work check written to him?

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    If this is a paycheck, shouldn't the plan be to open a bank account? So that he can use the money he is earning and not have to deposit into a relatives bank account every two week. Also specify the country in the question, and add the appropriate tag. – mhoran_psprep May 17 at 12:20

It depends on the jurisdiction and perhaps also the specific bank.

In Australia, for example, “cashing” a cheque means getting cash upon presentation of the cheque, without going through The waiting period associated with cheque clearance. I’d expect banks to be reluctant to cash cheques written out to specified payees.

If you don’t mind banking/depositing the cheque, you could ask your bank whether whether they would accept a cheque that your brother endorsed to you. Some jurisdictions may even be willing to cash endorsed cheques.

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Most banks will cash checks that are written from their own accounts, because the bank can immediately check to see if the writer has the cash available to pay out instead of having to send the check to another bank, wait on them to transfer the funds, and so on.

So, if there is a branch of the bank the check was written from, take your brother to that branch and he should be able to get cash after signing.

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