I am a Canadian. I wish to get into the Micro E-mini Equity Futures market.

I wish to use the Ninja Trader platform as I find it powerful, and I can code strategies using my favourite programming language, C#.

According to Ninja Trader, the only Canadian broker that is compatible with their platform is Interactive Brokers (IB). However, IB is a bit too strict on their application requirements concerning net worth. I do not qualify for an account with them.

Question 1: Are there any Canadians that also had limited liquid net worth (around 20K$) and that trade using the Ninja Trader platform using a Canadian online broker?

Question 2: If I must use a U.S.-based online broker, will I also be subject to the pattern-day-trader (PDT) limitation?

Answers to the inevitable follow-up questions:

  • Google was no help in finding answers to my question.
  • I can deposit an initial amount of 2000$. This amount is entirely disposable.
  • I have intermediate experience trading stocks.
  • I have good understanding of the technical aspects of trading.
  • I do not plan on taking any short positions until some time far into the future.


  • The Pattern Day Trader rule applies to equities and options. Futures trading is not subject to it. – Bob Baerker Apr 29 at 11:56

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