Is there any french stocks or ETF that gives monthly or quarterly dividends? For example, US stocks such as Realty Income (O) gives monthly dividends. As far as I know, all french stocks give yearly divisends but I am curious to know if there is any stock listed on Paris Euronext gives monthly or quarterly dividends.

  • You'll probably need to look into bonds ETF's. Example: VEMT this one should be available to buy on Euronext Paris and gives monthly dividends. – Matthiee May 22 at 16:49

According to https://revenusetdividendes.com/liste-actions-toucher-dividendes-bourse/, no french stock gives a monthly dividend:

Malheureusement, il n’existe pas d’actions à dividendes mensuels en France.

Google Translate:

Unfortunately, there are no monthly dividend shares in France.

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The distribution schedule of ETFs depends on the stocks themselves. For example, if most of the S&P 500 constituents are on quarterly schedule, then the S&P 500 ETFs would be on quarterly schedule. If real estate rent is monthly, then the real estate ETF would be monthly.

It would be sub-optimal if your selections are limited to a certain type of ETF that has monthly distribution.

It is best to compare Total Return (Price + Dividend) over the year after personal tax, then "Self-create" Dividend by selling tiny amount of shares each month.

See Dividend Irrelevance Theory.

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  • I cannot sell the stock for 5 years once I keep it for a number of reasons...thanks for your advice but the theory that you introduced is irrelevant to me – Eiffelbear Apr 27 at 8:04

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