I've been at RBC for 40 years and I have received a federal pension for disability for the last 25 years.

If because of this covid19 financial pressure and lack of affordability, I can no longer make those credit card payments (RBC's Visa) and I default, can they take my pension or close my account?

  • What jurisdiction are you in? My guess is that RBC = Royal Bank of Canada and that this is a question of Canadian law. If so, please update the question to include that information. – Justin Cave Apr 4 at 18:23
  • Are you in debt? – Bernhard Döbler Apr 4 at 19:34
  • thanks for your reply, it's RBC in BC, Canada! Thanks again, Appreciated! – Leslie Apr 4 at 22:30
  • What do the terms&conditions say? – MSalters Apr 5 at 10:34
  • 2
    You don't say how covid has reduced your income. Do you have other income. No one is allowed garnish CPP, OAS or GIS except the CRA. The bank doesn't have to let you have credit (or even an account). – brian Apr 6 at 0:09

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