I am an F1 student and I am filing joint taxes with my husband, who is a resident alien. We are to fill form 1040.

As a non-resident alien when I file 1040-NR, there's space to report the fellowship income and federal tax withheld reported on 1042-S. But we don't have an equivalent space in form 1040. So where should I fill in the income and tax withheld reported on 1042-S on form 1040?

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Per the 1040 instructions (also downloadable in PDF, if you want to have or keep a copy or for anyone who finds this in the future, use the nav link at the top of the page to go up one level):

  • Scholarship or fellowship income, if taxable, goes on line 1 with a notation SCH (sixth bullet). For details on whether and to what extent your grant is taxable, see pub 970 ch 1. If and to the extent it is not taxable, don't report it at all.

  • Withholding goes on line 17. The form only identifies W-2 and 1099 as sources for withholding, but the instructions list several more including 1042-S.

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