I want to ask how to calculate return on my portfolio and how can I compare it with benchmark index I invested 34500 on 19 dec 2019. Then I added further 25000 on 19 march 2020 out of 25000 I used 4000 to buy shares and the rest is in form of cash and total value of portfolio ks 47000 so how should I calculate the return using excel and how can I compare it with bechmark index like kse 100 for ex it was at 41,500 level on 18 dec 2019(closing) and right now the index is at 27500. So should I simply calculate percentage difference between 41,500 and 27,500 and than compare it the result of XIRR CALCULATED USING excel or should I apply XIRR on kse 100 index as well. what is the right way? please guide me

  • Some appropriate punctuation would improve the legibility of this question. – Chris Degnen Mar 31 '20 at 12:54

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