My wife left her W2 job for a 1099 contractor role last month. She was fired from the 1099 contractor role for underperforming after 3 weeks. When filling out the unemployment information for Texas, it only asks for her last job which was only for 3 weeks. Should she fill out the forms for her 1099 role, or just act like it never happened? The problem is, she left her W2 job which would mean she isn't entitled to unemployment benefits for that right?

I tried calling the Texas Workforce Commision, but I just get a busy signal.

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    I'm pretty sure she's not entitled to unemployment. She terminated her last employment arrangement voluntarily. Nothing she did as a contractor can make her eligible for unemployment under most state's rules. I don't know Texas specifically, so I'm not making this an answer. – David Schwartz Mar 23 at 16:10
  • A 1099 contractor is not an employee. – quid Mar 24 at 16:30

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