I would like to know what are the best services to research stocks on the different European stock markets, I would like to cover all EU member states, if possible.


I'm not familiar with your resources or work situation, but the Bloomberg Terminal is best in breed for market research/pricing/data on pretty much any security. Works great for European equities. The downside: it runs about $1,500 a month if you have to pay for one on your own.

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  • Unfortunately, I have no access to a Bloomberg Terminal :) If you know what is the next best thing, but a littlebit cheaper please, let me know! Thanks for the recommendation anyway – gyurisc Aug 14 '10 at 8:32

Besides Bloomberg and Reuters, I would recommend WorldCap, which is not a terminal but a mobile solution to research stocks in the US, Europe and Asia. While Bloomberg and Reuters run about $20,000 per year, WorldCap has a significantly lower price tag.

Disclosure: I have used Bloomberg and Reuters terminals in the past and I am affiliated with WorldCap.

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