My wageworks account got mixed up with a former colleague's, since our names (both Chinese) are very similar. I discovered this last December, and have been in weekly contact with my HR department ever since. Now it's beginning of March and wageworks still hasn't been able to fix it. I have about $2000 in the FSA dependent care account. My HR contact has successfully filed for an extension to the end of March with wageworks, but I am almost certain that with another month of time, they will still not be able to sort things out.

So my question is, is there nothing I can do about it? I have personally called WageWorks to make the technical correction, but was referred to my HR department. Why should I expect any miracle to happen at this point given that they weren't able to do anything for the first 3 months? Thank you for your attention!

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    If your employer deposited your salary into someone else's account, they haven't paid you. In Australia, this could have very serious repercussions for the employer. In your country, it might be different. – Lawrence Mar 6 at 14:00

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