For US Social Security, a person of Full Retirement Age (FRA) can claim spousal benefits to receive 50% of the FRA benefits of their spouse.

Suppose person A is of FRA and has no income. Person B (the spouse of A) has a FRA benefit value of X USD, but is 62 (younger than FRA) and still works with a high income.

When B claims benefits, the value received is at most 0.75 * X (due to their young age). Moreover, no value is received (due to high income).

What is the spousal benefit of person A? Is it:

  1. 0.50 * X
  2. 0.50 * 0.75 * X (for B claiming early)
  3. 0 (due to B's income)

This SSA link suggests that Option 2 would not happen, but does not address whether it would be Option 1 or 3.

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