There's a guy that teaches stock trading on Youtube named Steven Dux. According to him, he's made millions, mostly on shorting small-cap stocks. Here is one of his videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0mccM-Ydeo

My question is, If he's already made a lot of money, why would he need to make a youtube channel to earn some extra money on views?

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    Do you know that he actually needs to "earn some extra money on views?" Or is he doing it for some other reason? – RonJohn Feb 23 at 13:10
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    And, of course, it might all be a scam just like all the other "come to my $500 seminar and get rich in the stock market" scams. – RonJohn Feb 23 at 13:56
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    @GendoIkari I suspect to become a billionaire one has to have an abnormal attitude towards the concept of "enough". – ceejayoz Feb 23 at 18:57
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    @AmitUpadhyay Your question seems to have been closed for being off-topic. That means that it is not within the scope of what this site is about. The relative quality (or lack of) of other questions will have no bearing on the logic of whether or not your question was on-topic. – JBentley Feb 23 at 21:21
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    @GendoIkari: I don't think running the company really counts as a job. I suppose it's akin to the way I still write code, even though I don't really need the money, and sometimes write stuff I'm not being paid to write. – jamesqf Feb 24 at 20:13

There are other reasons to do things besides money.

I have answered over 1100 questions across the Stack Exchange network and haven’t made a dime on them.

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    So the other reason is Internet points. – IllusiveBrian Feb 23 at 21:22
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    @IllusiveBrian: Jay Hanlon ~ "It turns out that people will do anything for fake internet points." – Michael - Where's Clay Shirky Feb 24 at 0:30
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    @IllusiveBrian: Points? What points? I've seen occasional mention of them, but have no idea what they are, if they're something different than up/down votes on answers. – jamesqf Feb 24 at 18:31

Steven Dux:

  • He got lucky
  • He's a scam
  • He's legit (an audited account would prove this)

If he's already made a lot of money, why would he need to make a youtube channel to earn some extra money on views?

  • He's altruistic and likes to help people (free mentoring)


  • He's monetizing his "made a lot of money" meme

In all probabilities, any person who claims to have made "millions", and still running a "YouTube" channel is a scam. And if you see ads inside/alongside the video, then the probability of his claims of "having made millions" being a scam increases many folds.

Just think about it. What do millionaires do with the money they've earned? Couple of options:

  • They continue trading to convert those millions into billions

  • They live a comfortable life in a mansion if they've earned a lot

  • Conduct some paid seminars on trading with a high entry fee

  • They start doing charity

  • A combination of the above four

In no case, will any successful trader ever reveal their secrets for free. Moreover, think about the threat on their lives by the not-so-good people, who may go after this person as he knows the key to turning hundreds into millions, and those millions into billions.

Why would a millionaire put hardwork in creating and uploading YouTube videos with ads, unless he wants some small bucks from ad income when he is making millions? The ad income in meager, and there is no charity or no free mentoring.

So never trust anyone's claims that he made millions and now tutoring for free. The only people who make such claims are the ones who just know how things work theoretically - like what technical analysis is, what candlestick patterns may indicate, what PE ratios are, etc. etc.

Can they use this "knowledge" to make profits "and teach the same" to others through YouTube videos - Highly Unlikely.

Take such videos only as information and knowledge sharing. Use the tips at your own risk, as it is your hard earned money.

In conclusion to answer your question - "Why would a stock trading millionaire need some extra money?", - It is because he is not really a millionaire!

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    Keep in mind, he may have made 2 million shorting stocks, but started with 6 million. – Pete B. Feb 24 at 17:14
  • @PeteB. How do you make a small fortune by shorting stocks? By first obtaining a large fortune. – Eric Lippert Feb 25 at 21:32

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