A while back, I bought 2 grams of Valcambi Suisse Palladium bars. Now, that the Palladium prices are increasing, I am trying to sell my bars. The problem is that the exchange site that I bought it from does not buy anything worth less than $1000. I tried checking other places that do, but the payout is very small, almost absurd (15-20% less than spot price). I understand that spreads can be big, but I have never seen more than 6-7% (the spread from the exchange that I bought it from).

Therefore, I can't help to wonder where I can sell small amounts of Palladium for the highest return? Are small exchange sites really worth it or would local pawn shops and gold stores be better? How should I go about getting the best value when cashing in this kind of investment?

Just one more thing to add. Ebay only charges 10% on selling bullion. It would be more profitable to sell it to buyers spot price on that platform than on the 15-20% spread websites. So is that another option to consider, or am I just not looking hard enough and there exists exchange sites with fair spreads?

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    I think with the edits it's more asking about the general approach than a specific product recommendation. Please try to keep answers general though. (I think it's ok to give examples of standard providers when recommending a general class, as long as it's not spammy.) – GS - Apologise to Monica Feb 20 at 8:47

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