The price of NSE:HDFCBANK was around Rs. 2K+ before it split on 19-Sep-2019. I am using AlphaVantage to get stock price for NSE:HDFCBANK. It does not show the stock price before stock split as Rs. 2K+. Below is the data I get from AlphaVantage.

Is there a way for me to calculate the share price before share split based on below data? If not, what is additional data I need?

enter image description here


In a traditional stock split, the number of shares increases by the split ratio and share price decreases by the inverse of that ratio.

For example, you own 100 shares of XYZ at $100 and a 2:1 split occurs. The post split position will be 200 shares at $50. The value of the position is unchanged since 100 x $100 = 200 x $50.

To reverse engineer the data, apply the inverse of the split numbers. If historical data shows that the close was $50 the day before a 2:1 split, then the actual close was $100.

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  • Thanks for replying. So the data I have (screenshot) does not mention this, right? I do have the number of shares post split. – Naveen Feb 18 at 8:23

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