I have lived for three years in Canada, and made three contributions to the CPP. I now live in Switzerland and do not plan to return to Canada ever.

Is there any way to transfer these contributions into the Swiss system? The post Withdraw money from Canada Pension Plan (CPP) or Govt Pension by an Indian Citizen mentions the possibility of a transfer through a social security agreement between the countries, but other information, I found elsewhere, made it sound that these contributions cannot be transferred.

I am aware, that once I reach the age of retirement I will be able receive benefits from CPP. My Statement of Contributions gives an estimate, but I believe under the assumption that I continue to make contributions. How can I estimate the monthly pension payouts under the assumption that I do not make additional contributions?

Does the Canadian pension system have the property that paying in 2000 CAD/year for 3 years give you roughly 1/10 of the pension you would get when paying in 2000 CAD/year for 30 years?

  • Have you tried calling the Canadian Revenue Agnecy? They are usually very helpful and knowledgeable. I'd advise calling them after tax season is over though to avoid long wait times.
    – Dugan
    Feb 15 '20 at 23:30

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