What will be my in hand salary for the following structure? Basic pay: 15600, GP:6000, DA:9720, Pension: 1139, EPF: 1800, Gratuity: 1506,HRA: 3000, Conveyance allowance: 3741.? Please answer its urgent. My fixed ctc is 5,13,672 and total ctc is 13,33,672.

  • You haven't even told us what country you're in! – Simon B Feb 9 at 14:57

You have to compute your self.
Pension, EPF and Gratuity are not directly payable.
So roughly your salary would be 39,000. There would be your contribution to EPF of Rs 1800 and rs 200 as professional taxes. I.e Rs 37,000.
At this salary there is no income tax applicable. So your take home should be around Rs 37,000

  • Thank you! Is there any tax for variable ctc? – anjan samanta Feb 9 at 20:26

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