If I sell games on a popular platform like STE-AM ,and it widthholds my tax and remits it to IRS on my US scourced income do I have to still file Income Tax Return as a nonresident alien.

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    Probably. If the withholding tax is greater than the appropriate amount of tax for the income you earned, how else would you get your refund? – Dan Bracuk Feb 5 '20 at 17:51
  • I am just using it as side income .No need for refunds , I think they will remit the orrect ammount. – compenthusiast Feb 6 '20 at 6:09
  • did you check irs.gov/help/ita/do-i-need-to-file-a-tax-return ? – xyious Feb 10 '20 at 17:34

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