I started receiving my retirement benefits from SSA last October 2019 after 2 years of processing time. They paid me a large sum corresponding to all months (25) of back pay and I received also my payments from October to December. All these payments had federal income tax withheld to 25% which amounted to a large sum that I want to have refunded.

My question is that I do not see in what line of form 1040nr I should report the income. In the form shows where I should attach the form SSA-1042S but in that area only show lines for the form 1042S and not SSA-1042S.

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Boy you're fast; both forms 1040NR (see next) were only released a few weeks ago, and the instructions still aren't out -- although they shouldn't change much from the 2018 ones.

On 1040NR (not -EZ) Social Security is reported on line 8 of schedule NEC (on page 4) as instructed here (link may break when they post 2019, if so look at top left for "Schedule NEC" then "Line 8").

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