Today is January 23, 2020. I still have not received my tax returns on my business for the tax year 2018. I keep contacting my accountant but I do not receive a reply from him. I am very nervous because it's now time to start 2019 taxes and I still don't have my 2018 taxes completed. I need advice on what I can do?

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    Fire your accountant and hire someone else? What other advice are you looking for? Do you have copies of all of the records for 2018? – D Stanley Jan 23 at 15:54
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    Join the club, my personal taxes from 2018 are still not filed. Provided you do not owe taxes, you are fine. My business taxes were not filed until late October. If you like your accountant keep him. Mine is fantastic and this is no big deal. – Pete B. Jan 23 at 16:03
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    Go to his office?? – RonJohn Jan 23 at 16:15
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    @PeteB. How fantastic can they be if they are running such a backlog? – Hart CO Jan 23 at 16:19
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    @HartCO Clearly so fantastic that they have too many customers! – Joe Jan 23 at 16:26

A two prong approach is required:

  • initiate a search for a new accountant
  • continue to contact the old accountant for the data needed by the new accountant.

Accountants are seasonally busy (if not deceased), so timing can be key.

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