The $5000 FSA limit is a joke given the daycare costs in our area.
Is there any way to use more pre-tax money to pay for daycare ?
Daycare is by far our biggest expense for the year.
Any advice to maximize tax return based on that ?

WA state (no state income tax)

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    In addition to your FSA there are: Child Tax Credit, The Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit, and Earned Income Credit that may benefit you. – Hart CO Jan 20 at 20:01
  • As a perhaps too-far-out suggestion, some employers subsidize the cost of child care by providing discounted onsite daycare, which would effectively be a non-taxed benefit. – dwizum Jan 21 at 17:51
  • If an answer cannot be found for a financial benefit, you may have to turn to a lifestyle/parenting question to find a more economical source of child care. My wife and I recently decided that she leave her employer to focus entirely on our budgeting and child rearing. She's officially the "curator" of our funds. It's been a net financial gain for us. – Aww_Geez Jan 21 at 17:54

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