The IRS form W-4 for 2020 has you compute any amount that should be deducted from your federal income tax withholdings and then report the amount in dollars. In the past I merely reported the number of allowances that I was claiming.

I've recently changed employers, and am wondering if for 2020 I do none of the calculations and just write $0 in each spot of the 2020 W-4, will this have the same effect as claiming 0 allowances in the past?

  • The answer is likely NO, though I am not sure how many situations that applies to. As far as I can tell, no way of filling out 2020 W4 is equivalent to the 2019 W4. You can play with the simple IRS withholding calculator... what you would need to do to achieve equal withholding is fill it out like pre-2020 and then adjust the 2020 numbers to match. – stevesliva Feb 6 at 14:05

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