I'm a student and saved some money with part time jobs for a violin. I want a friend of mine to parcel a violin purchased in Japan to Bangladesh. Will he need to pay taxes to send me that violin?


There is a 10% VAT in Japan, ask your friend to get the shop to arrange a tax rebates for foreign purchase. Then you need to pay the customs duty when import into Bangladesh, it can be arranged by the shipping company.

However, after looking into the Bangladesh import tax table, Violin is under the following code

  • 9202.10.00 String Musical Instruments Played With A Bow 60.31%
  • brief Duty breakdown : Custom duty 25%, VAT 15%, Advance Income Tax 5%, Regulatory Duty 3% , advance trade VAT 5%

I think you should talk to the local musician on how they get their instruments than doing it yourself. Since this doesn't look like a viable idea for a student.

p/s: Looking at the tax schedule, I bet custom works is a "lucrative job" in Bangladesh.

  • Thanks for the elaborative answer in a disciplined manner. I will look for local musicians about this. Dec 25 '19 at 8:27

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